Landscape Architecture

We provide all aspects of site design:

  • master planning
  • house placement
  • drainage
  • grading
  • terraces
  • utilities screening
  • water features
  • garden design
  • irrigation design
  • landscape lighting design
  • driveway layout
  • guest parking layout
  • entertaining areas
  • outdoor kitchens
  • pools

Why use a Landscape Architect?
To become a registered Landscape Architect, a person must complete formal academic training, as well as demonstrate a high level of technical expertise and design knowledge. Landscape Architects are held to a higher standard by the professional industry and adhere to a code of ethical conduct.

The process of landscape design has become increasingly complex as our expectations for our yards have changed over time. Entertainment areas, kitchens, hot tubs, fire places… all are becoming common features in fine landscapes.

Other challenges to creating elegant yet functional landscapes include restrictive zoning and neighborhood covenants, multi-car families on diminishing lot sizes, and carving out discrete utility spaces. All these factors support the argument that professional design is necessary to organize the many disparate elements of modern living into a beautiful space that will meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

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