At Native Landscapes we reject the use of elements typically found in superficial landscapes which at best deliver short term curb appeal only to be rendered unsuitable with time. Landscapes should reflect permanence and style, seamlessly joining the house and garden together. When a garden is thoroughly planned, well-designed and can be realistically maintained, it will endure.


David Donohue is a Landscape Architect and the owner Native Landscapes Inc. He brings a distinct philosophy to the drafting table. Leading with an artist’s pencil, David leverages his years of experience to develop unique, functional and timeless landscapes.

North Carolina Landscape Architect: #818
North Carolina General Contractor: #70923
North Carolina Landscape Contractor: #1363
North Carolina Pesticide Applicator: #026-14736


Every project is different, but our time-tested process remains the same. Here’s what you can expect from start to finish.