David Donohue, with over 20 years design build experience, is a Landscape Architect and the owner of Native Landscapes Inc in Wilmington, NC. He brings a distinct philosophy to the drafting table.

David Donohue - Landscape Architect“The client expects my best effort and relies on my experience, expertise and talent to develop a unique and functional landscape plan using the essential elements of good design. I reject the use of those elements typically found in superficial landscape designs which at best deliver short term curb appeal only to be rendered unsuitable with time.”

He believes the best landscapes reflect permanence and style, seamlessly joining house and garden to each other and the site. When a garden is well-designed and can be realistically maintained, it will endure. A poorly designed garden will ultimately decline and disappoint. A well-designed garden, with time, can be a revelation.

Native Landscapes has been able to establish itself as a leading landscape architectural design build practice within the region. With a multi-disciplinary approach to comprehensive and complex design issues, Native Landscapes has extensive experience in exclusive residential design and installation. 

Native Landscapes is a fully insured and licensed contractor.

David Donohue is a licensed and registered:  
    • North
Carolina Landscape Architect   #818

    • North Carolina General Contractor  #70923
    • North Carolina Landscape Contractor  #1363
    • North Carolina Pesticide Applicator   #026-14736

Mr. Donohue had also been recognized by the City of Wilmington for outstanding tree preservation and received the Tree Preservation and Landscape Award in 2011. 

How We Work With Clients
1. The first step in getting your project off the ground is the design process. Prior to an initial consultation we will ask you to organize your thoughts on paper. You will be requested to fill out a questionnaire addressing some of the following concerns:

    ~Define the scope of your project.
    ~What is the overall design style you want to create?
    ~What is your budget? Whether remedying issues or designing a landscape garden,
       your budget is a very important and real factor in helping you to achieve your goals.

2. Once you have completed your questionnaire we will meet on site for an initial consultation to review your project goals and discuss budget constraints. We request that you allow time for us to visit some local projects which may be of similar scope to your project.

3. Mr. Donohue does not design on a speculative basis. So once you have reviewed our work and our pricing structure and have determined you would like to contract with Native Landscapes, a preliminary design contract will be presented detailing the scope of the project including estimated budgets and a fee schedule.

4. We are now ready to begin work on your preliminary design. We will request a survey with topographical lines and existing trees and structures. If this is a new home site we will also request your house plan. Throughout the design development process, Mr. Donohue will be in contact to gather your feedback.

5. The finished design will be presented to you and will include revisions, plantings, irrigation, hardscape, construction details and materials.

6. Upon acceptance of the finished design and any revised construction costs we will schedule your installation.

Mr. Donohue personally designs, supervises, and participates in the construction and installation of every project. He maintains direct client contact through every step of the design and installation process.